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COVID-19: Statement and Member Resources

ISAPS stands for patient safety and aesthetic education worldwide.

We have very carefully analyzed the worldwide recommendations of the WHO and also the CDC and other organizations and evaluated many recommendations and binding guidelines from different countries.

As an international society, we can only make general recommendations and cannot give advice for each individual country. Here, the respective national government is of course responsible and you have to follow their orders.  Nevertheless, we would like to recommend our members to follow the guidelines of the WHO and CDC and to restrict or cancel non-urgent selective operations and to reconsider non-urgent consultations or treatments.

Asymptomatic patients can infect and endanger staff and other patients. Non-urgent surgery consumes resources of all kinds that might be needed more urgently elsewhere.

However, please always base your decision on local conditions and the responsible authorities in your country.

We take our mission regarding further education very seriously and will serve you with considerably more webinars in the future, so that you can continue your education despite the many unusual courses and seminars.

In addition, we have set up a resource on our website and our information channels where you can access daily updated information that is important for you as a plastic surgeon and your patients

Thank you for your commitment to the patients’ safety and for your willingness to take sensitive measures.

Dirk F. Richter, MD – ISAPS Past President

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